Champions of the Bronze Buzzard

Greenfield's Funeral

Never rode shotgun on a hearse before...

Hired by two merchants, Statler & Storch for 10 silver, the party transports the body of Jonas Greenfield to Boot Hill Cemetery. The party also joins up with a local thief named Hollis Undertoe who claims that according to legend, there is a great treasure buried somewhere in Boot Hill Cemetery. Lady Fahnhorst also informs Finnan in no uncertain terms that a death cult of Orcus worshippers has taken up residence in the cemetery. Ilsa gave the party two treasures, one a bronze medallion depicting a buzzard and the other a magical bronze warhorn. She said that the medallion would summon a dire vulture that would help the party in combat. Ilsa also explained that Sir Eric Viridian wanted people to raise an alarm if things got out of hand, and that whenever the heroes blow the horn, help would answer. Someone botched an arcana roll and the party never determined what magical properties the horn possesses.

Three cultists and half a dozen zombies were no match for the party, and were taken out quickly.

Oddly, the cultists were wearing iron collars with black onyx stones around their necks. Ol’ Grig was clever to mutilate the bodies before they could rise, and consecrate the cemetery grounds before any additional undead minions were summoned. A strange encounter with the collar left Ol’ Grig somewhat unsettled, as it tried to latch onto his neck, and then displayed the image of a powerful necromancer calling herself the Queen of Bones, who recognized him… and offered him a job.

The party was able to cleanse the cemetery and bury Greenfield without further disruption, but was unable to recover the treasure.

Nobody blew the horn.


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