Champions of the Bronze Buzzard

Knuckles to Eyebrows

Some guys walk into a bar...

A rowdy night at the Bronze Buzzard. Spirits are high as the Longmeadow brothers and Silas Silvermane announce that they’ve gotten their harvest in. Cheers and drinks all around.

The farmers enjoy a few tales and songs from Ol’ Grig and keep the ale flowing. Finnan Galerider makes a few coppers with his best card tricks and the shell game. Everyone is in a fine mood, but the Longmeadow boys are getting a bit out of hand.

After Gavin Longmeadow started teasing and chasing Ilsa around the bar, Hrothgar decided to step in. A quick brawl with the Longmeadow brothers and Silas Silvermane ended with Finnan hiding in the back, and some new bruises. Hollis Undertoe watched this fight with great amusement, and did not lend a hand to either side, keeping well out of danger. Ilsa put a stop to the fight before too much furniture was broken, and Silas agreed to an arm-wrestling contest with Hrothgar. Silas won, but had such a good time he kept buying ales and seemed to respect the Oathender brothers. Silas explained that he’s leaving town the next morning for Anvilhold to sell his barely.

After last call and the party has gone to bed, Finnan Galerider crept from his hiding spot only to catch Ilsa and Gavin Longmeadow in each other’s arms. Go figure.


SatomizerDX SatomizerDX

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