Champions of the Bronze Buzzard

Razorcrush Maze

Better not linger, better not rush...

After escaping from Harrowstone Prison with Abe the Ranger of Fitch, Oathenders & Co. traveled to the dreaded Razorcrush Maze to search out a portal to the Netherworld that Ajihad used to return to our realm. Abe led the way, and soon the party found that hedge mazes aren’t just for lawn parties…

The party found the backpack of a lost adventurer, and recovered a potion of tongues, a potion of climbing, two healing potions and a scroll that contained the ritual Hand of Fate. Finnan sent his owl familiar flying over the walls of the hedge maze to try and scout a route to the center – only to be eaten by a giant venus fly trap. Long vines, razor sharp thorns, super deadly. From out of maze a rabbit came running to Finnan and offered up his services as a replacement familiar. In exchange for a piece of gold and a name, the rabbit offered to guide the party through the maze. Finnan obliged, and named him Doderick. Doderick explained that he is exceptionally magical, an excellent performer, and particularly skilled at disappearing inside of hats, caps, helmets, and other hat-like things. Doderick said that he had been tricked and bound into service by a Woods Witch, and he was ready to make a career change.

A beautiful singing voice was heard echoing through the maze. A beautiful Elf maiden introduced herself as the guardian of the maze. After a brief conversation wherein the party tried unsuccessfully to convince her that 1. She wasn’t a very good guardian since a Necromancer made it through her maze and 2. Oathenders & Co. was bound for the portal, she decided to throw down. After she called in a Treant to rough up the party. Tuan summoned his awesome flying sword, and after she tried a few invisibility tricks, the party took her down. The Treant was much tougher. Now dead, the guardian of the maze turned out to be a Green Hag. Rather nasty bit of business.

Doderick spoke of a “big guy with horns” that roamed around the maze, and led the party in a more or less direct route to the portal. Big fight with a Minotaur, and the party was ready to jump through the portal. Doderick explained that a part of the trouble with Razorcrush was that the vines moved, and the maze changed from time to time. Abe inspected the runes around the portal and declared that to enter, each adventurer must speak aloud a secret before entering. Finnan confessed he wanted to rejoin members of his family. Sybil revealed that she didn’t want to be a swordswoman anymore, and missed her life as a noble lady. Ol’ Grig confessed to killing his last commanding officer. HROTHGAR acknowledged he had a secret Gnoll family in the Gnoll kingdoms. Tuan admitted that he wasn’t truly a diplomat, that his countrymen just didn’t want to execute him. Hollis admitted that he had never finished a job. Osrik confessed that he was in love with Ilsa. Nobody heard Doderick’s secret.

One by one, Oathenders & Co. entered the portal, and ventured into the Netherworld of the Queen of Bones.


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