Byron Redfoot

Thieves Guild Rep / Fence


Byron Redfoot is the local representative for the Thieves Guild in Westerfield. He is a professional fence, antiques dealer and semi-legitimate businessman. He knows the party through Hollis Undertoe, and has many contacts in the underworld. He’s willing to buy any loot from the party, minus his fee. Sometimes a source of potential jobs for the party, Redfoot is better at seeing an opportunity to make a little money on the side, rather than sending the party after something directly. Go to him to see if you can get some extra cash for an adventure you’re already on. Redfoot also has access to a lot of information he’d be willing to share with the party… for a price.

Redfoot has also offered to register the party as an official adventuring company with the thieves guild. All he needs is a name for his ledger.

Byron Redfoot

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