Gavin Longmeadow

Farmer/Adventurer (deceased)


Gavin Longmeadow is the elder of the two Longmeadow brothers – prominent local farmers around the town of Westerfield. Gavin carries a sword and shield, and is in his mid-twenties. He is the eldest son of the deceased Lord Longmeadow, who used to rule Westerfield before the Hornwoods deposed the family twenty years ago. Gavin and his younger brother Rowan were small children at the time, and were somehow spared the destruction of their family. Gavin and Rowan own their own lands, and are farming partners with Silas Silvermane.

Gavin Longmeadow was found under a tree surrounded by dead orcs on the Eastern Road. In his left hand he held a lock of blonde hair tied with a blue ribbon, and a diamond ring. His last words were “Tell Ilsa I’m sorry I didn’t take her to the harvest dance.”

Gavin Longmeadow

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