Proprietor of the Bronze Buzzard


Ilsa is the owner and proprietor of the Bronze Buzzard in the town of Westerfield. She has agreed to let the party take up residence in her pub, in exchange for some extra protection and help running the bar. She has long blonde hair that she always ties up in blue ribbons.

The party’s first encounter was a brawl in the Bronze Buzzard after Gavin Longmeadow started chasing Ilsa around the bar.

Finnan Galerider caught Ilsa with Gavin Longmeadow after hours.

Ilsa has been known to nibble on peppermints, but Osrik Oathender also realized that peppermint is sometimes used as a common herbal remedy for nausea.

While unnoticeable to the regulars of the Bronze Buzzard, the party has realized that Ilsa seems to be gaining weight, and is most likely pregnant.


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