Ruthie Greenfield

14 year old girl


A fourteen year old girl, the daughter of the late Jonas Greenfield. Ruthie’s family farm is close to Southeast Farthington a village to the South and East of Westerfield. She hired the party to avenge her father’s murder for fifty gold. The party tracked Jessup, a hired man and her father’s murderer to Stone Spider Cavern, and Osrik nailed him with a wrench. Ruthie was delighted to hear that Jessup was dead, and accepted her father’s fox fur cloak from Hollis as proof. She is very smart, and does not take kindly to being lied to.

Ruthie travelled to Westerfield to settle her father’s affairs and hire men to kill Jessup. Initially, the party was hesitant to hire themselves out as hitmen – which confused Ruthie.

Tuan interrogated Ruthie after the events in Stone Spider Cavern. Tuan managed to insult her family, her farm, her village, her financial acumen, and her father’s plans to make her a match for marriage in a span of five sentences. She doesn’t like him very much, and she doesn’t trust him.

It is unknown how much, if anything she knew about the letter from Stratton Silvermane to her father, Jonas Greenfield.


Ruthie Greenfield

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