Silas Silvermane

Dwarven Hero (deceased)


Dwarven lord/hero turned retired farmer. Brother to Stratton Silvermane. Deceased.


Silas Silvermane is a dwarven fighter and local resident of Westerfield. He is the younger brother of Stratton Silvermane, and presumably a high-ranking member of the Silvermane Clan, the ancestral ruling lords of the Dwarven city of Anvilhold. Silas has demonstrated a tremendous prowess in combat, and once threw Finnan Galerider so hard he nearly killed him. Silas is ostensibly a retired adventurer turned farmer. For the last twenty years he has grown barley with the Longmeadow brothers, and sells his grain in Anvilhold to Faerber for the express purpose of brewing Dwarven ale. Silas is very fond of drinking and brawling in the Bronze Buzzard, and has displayed great affection for Ilsa and the Longmeadow brothers. He wields the legendary axe Lunacrist.

Silas was found dead surrounded by orcs on the Eastern road, several miles outside of Westerfield. There was a severed troll’s arm nearby, and Silas had been impaled with an unusually large spear. He was presumably returning to Westerfield from Anvilhold with the Longmeadows.

Hollis Undertoe recovered a magical necklace called the Stones of Stiglitz from a secret pocket in Silas’s cloak. There was also a piece of parchment with several drafts of a wedding toast to Gavin Longmeadow and Ilsa.

Silas Silvermane

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