Stratton Silvermane

Lord of Anvihold


Stratton Silvermane is the lord of Anvilhold, the Dwarven city in the Mountain of the Moon. He is the leader and patriarch of the Silvermane Clan, an ancient Dwarven noble house, and he is a member of the Dwarven High Council. Stratton Silvermane is widely recognized as one of the richest if not THE richest Dwarf in the country. He is a renowned leader, financial genius, political strategist and military commander. Stratton Silvermane led the Dwarven war against the Orcish Isles that Hrothgar Oathender fought in. His younger brother is Silas Silvermane.

Many years ago, the Silvermanes were betrayed by one of their liege-clans, and were forced to flee from Anvilhold. Unable to trust their former subjects, the Silvermanes fled to the nearby town of Westerfield. Lord Longmeadow ruled Westerfield at the time, and gave the Silvermanes safe-haven and military support until Stratton was able to reclaim Anvilhold. He is known for using mercenaries to great advantage. His treatment of the traitorous clan that betrayed his family was so severe, that their name has been stricken from written histories, and none of their line survives. It is rumored that Stratton Silvermane had the even the most distant relations to that house, even children and the elderly, beheaded. This incident has given Stratton a reputation for ruthlessness. His contributions to statecraft in the Dwarven political spheres have been numerous. He is not as celebrated a warrior as his brother Silas, but Stratton is widely recognized as one of the foremost experts on military tactics in the Dwarven kingdoms. He has led thousands of Dwarves in five separate wars, and has never lost.

Osrik and Hrothgar Oathender found a letter from Stratton Silvermane to Jonas Greenfield written in silver runes. The letter made reference to a plan to restore the Longmeadow brothers to power in Westerfield, and thus satisfy an old family debt. Stratton’s letter was found on Blondie’s body, and the seal had been broken.

Stratton Silvermane

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