Stones of Stiglitz

Dwarven topaz necklace


A treasure of unique value. These magic stones have been imbued with the wisdom of ancient Dwarven wizards and scholars. This necklace was created by the great Dwarven economist, Master Jeweler Stiglitz as a gift for the Silvermane family. The market value of this necklace is unknown at this time.

The necklace grants the wearer +5 resit against thunder damage. +2 Charisma. +2 to all skill checks of bluff, persuade and intimidate.

Additionally, the wearer may consult with the stones from time to time for advice on a wide range of topics. Dwarven history, treasure hunting and finance are a few of the known topics that the stones may give advice upon. Additionally, the stones may be used to summon a semi-visible hand that will direct the wearer to the most profitable course of action, if questioned.


Stones of Stiglitz

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